Sodium and potassium cations in serum

The balance of electrolytes in the body is maintained by a function called homeostasis. Diagnosis of sodium and potassium levels are determined with a blood test. This Application Note describes K+ and Na+ cations analysis in serum with the Wyn-CE system and a contactless conductimetry detection.

L'avis de l'expert : Rapid and sensitive method for diagnosics using a low number of samples (1 µL).

Réactifs et conditions d'analyse

Tampon : Glacial acetic acid + L-Histidine, pH 4.1
Capillaire : bare-fused silica, L = 55 cm, l = 35 cm, ID = 50 µm
Injection : Hydrodynamic, 50 mbar, 7 s
Tension : +30 kV
Détection : C4D
Température : 25 °C


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