Aquamet+ project

The aim of the AQUAMET+ project for “Analyzer of metolachlor and its derivatives in water by capillary electrophoresis” is to propose a complete method for the analysis of metolachlor, OXA-metolachlor and ESA-metolachlor with the help of an analyzer based on the principle of capillary electrophoresis (CE). The project includes the optimization of the separation of the 3 compounds, a step of purification of water to be analyzed as well as preconcentration by extraction on solid phase in order to reach the regulatory thresholds of detection. Finally, after validation of the method developed according to a COFRAC standard, a 6-month field validation will be carried out by the Calmont water production station (SPEHA). Labeled by the competitiveness cluster “Aqua-Valley”, the project for a total amount of 142k €, will receive a grant of 66 k € paid by the Adour Garonne Water Agency. Deploying over 1 year, AquaMet + will increase the reactivity of the water production and purification plants in the context of a metolachlor pollution. Thus, these stations will be able to adapt their treatment process more rapidly and limit the exposure of consumers.

METOLACHLORE AND ITS ISSUES Since 2015, the Calmont drinking water plant (31) which samples from 2 resources (Hers Vif and Ariège) is confronted with the presence of metolachlor and its derivatives. The challenge is to detect these parameters quickly enough to treat them, using activated carbon powder, or to change resources. In situ activated carbon filters do not allow these parameters to be properly treated and the regulatory thresholds <0.2 μg / L in the treated water must be respected during peaks of metolachlor presence in the resources. The analyzer proposed by this project, will significantly increase the reactivity and be able to alert in case of pollution metolachlor detected.

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