As part of a training course for teaching the technological fields of the laboratory, the Toulouse company WynSep organized March 20, 2018 a day of discovery of Capillary Adaptive Electrophoresis under the leadership of Philippe Garnier, Inspector Academy and Regional Pedagogical Inspector for Biotechnology and Biological Engineering Pathways. “We wanted to make teachers rediscover this technique of analysis, which is not highly valued in the teaching programs and yet widely used in industry.” Our “Adaptive” approach represents a renewal: intuitive, open, robust, with performances that rival the most advanced separation techniques, without gas or solvent, it combines ecological and economic qualities for a very wide spectrum of analyzes in different matrices. ” Simon Atia, President of WynSep Professor François Couderc and Dr. Elisabeth Caussé spoke on the theory of electrophoresis and its important use in hospitals “The future of Capillary Electrophoresis depends only on us because it is us who train future engineers who will develop the multitude of applications, as WynSep does through its research laboratory.” Teacher. François Couderc. During practical workshops in WynSep’s labs, teachers evaluated the high performance of capillary electrophoresis as compared to other techniques such as liquid chromatography (HPLC) or ion chromatography. The fact of not using solvent or gas was noted as a strong point to meet environmental issues (green chemistry) and economic with its neutral operating cost (very few consumables, generic and inexpensive). Download here the Press Release taking stock of this day