WynSep KIT PharmAPI


PharmAPI is a range of quick and easy-to-use test kits for capillary electrophoresis. It allows the Quality Control of active ingredients of drugs of hospital preparations. The PharmAPI range includes the PharmAPI + and PharmAPI- kits, which allow the quantitative analysis of active ingredients with acidic and basic characteristics respectively. PharmAPI is also an evolving database constantly updated according to the needs of pharmacists. It is also ideal for the implementation of analysis sensitizing the detection of counterfeit drugs. The PharmAPI offer includes:

  • The PharmAPI + assay kit: adapted to the quality control of acidic active ingredients.
  • The PharmAPI- analysis kit: adapted to the quality control of active principles with basic characters.
  • Each kit includes a capillary, activating solution, rinse solution and pH buffers for 300 assays.
  • A control solution of the desired active ingredient (s).
  • The analysis methods and the validation report according to COFRAC standard NF-T90210.
  • An access to the WynSep laboratory for the study of active ingredients not found in the catalog.

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