CE-Cadence, the new generation automated capillary electrophoresis platform


CE-Cadence is an automated capillary electrophoresis platform for Research, Development and Quality Control. It will increase the analytical rhythm to respond to increasing demands without losing the quality of results.

Equipped with two automated carousels, 32 removable positions at the anode and 8 fixed positions at the cathode, it allows both to launch unique analyzes or sequences.

Washing and injections are performed by a simple and reliable pressure system up to 3.5 bar. The self-reversible high voltage +/- 30 kV maximum makes it possible to obtain the best performances of the market.

It is equipped as standard with a single-wavelength UV absorbance detector and a non-contact conductivity sensor (C4D). It is also couplable to external detectors such as Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) or mass spectrometry.

Its QR code reader makes it possible to follow the traceability of the samples with complete confidence and its 4-color backlight gives real-time visual information on the state of the system.

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