Sugar analysis for detection of adulteration in honey and fruit juice samples

A capillary electrophoretic method with UV detection was developed to analyze Glucose, Fructose and Saccharose in food matrices. This method was applied to fruit juices and honey.

L'avis de l'expert : Application relevant for food quality control and teaching. Topic available for lab work on demand!

Réactifs et conditions d'analyse

Tampon : PDC + CTAB, pH 12.2
Capillaire : bare-fused silica, L = 70 cm, l = 62 cm, ID = 75 μm
Injection : hydrodynamic, 50 mbar, 5 s
Tension : -25 kV
Détection : indirect UV, 254 nm
Température : 25 °C


Other applications Food safety

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